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Ribeiro do Cavalo
Boca do Tamboril
Ribeiro do Cavalo
Passagem pelo túnel
Boca do Tamboril

Kayak Tour Sesimbra

What is included:

- All necessary Kayak (double sit on top kayaks) equipment.

- Water and toasted flour (Farinha Torrada) and fruit and Chicken or Vegan salad. (for an additional 10€ fee)

- Free and available neoprene suits upon reservation.

- Waterproof bags included for carrying your personal effects on kayak.

- Transfer from Lisbon option available.

Join our intimate group Kayak tour for a unique experience in the beautiful Arrábida Natural Park. Our tour offers a maximum of five tandem kayaks per group, so you can enjoy the adventure with your family or friends. We'll provide you with all necessary equipment, including life vests, paddles, water-resistant bags, and comfortable kayak seats.

The tour starts in the charming village of Sesimbra, where we'll brief you on paddling techniques and the tour itinerary. As we paddle along the coast, you'll encounter small caves and passages in the rocks that make for an unforgettable experience. After approximately an hour and a half of paddling, we'll arrive at Ribeiro do Cavalo, one of the most picturesque beaches in the park. Here, we'll take a break to indulge in the scenery.

If you choose, for a small additional fee of 10€, we can provide you with a delicious chicken or veggie baguette sandwich, avocado, lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, and of course, our famous "Farinha Torrada" pastry. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring your own snacks, which can be easily stored in our spacious water bags.

With a tailwind, we'll make our way back to Sesimbra, enjoying the stunning coastal views along the way. This tour is the perfect opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Portugal in a unique and adventurous way.

Kayak adventure  Lagoa de Albufeira

Where we will be:

Experience the beauty and significance of the Lagoa de Albufeira, a former arm of the Tagus River that has become a thriving ecosystem. This enchanting lagoon plays a vital role in supporting diverse wildlife species both in its waters and along its banks.

What will we do:

Embark on an exciting double sit-on-top Kayak ride along the lagoon's picturesque shoreline, exploring both the expansive and intimate areas of this natural wonder. During the journey, we'll make a refreshing stop at the dune on the north bank, offering panoramic views of the entire reservoir. It's the perfect spot to rejuvenate and share the captivating stories that define our connection to this remarkable place. This adventure is suitable for families and participants of all ages, guaranteeing both ease and safety.

What's included:

Your adventure comes complete with all necessary kayak equipment, ensuring you're fully equipped for the journey. Additionally, we provide a comfortable neoprene suit to keep you protected. Stay hydrated with refreshing water and enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and toasted flour (Farinha Torrada) and a chicken or vegan sandwich providing a delightful culinary experience amidst nature's embrace.


Price per person € 40 and a duration of about three hours.

Maximum number of participants: Groups of 10 people maximum

Duration: About 4 hours

When booking this tour you will be able to choose from an option with transfer from Lisbon included and the basic one where you will meet us directly at Meira Pro Center in the Lagoon.

Kayak Adventure in Arrábida

Where we will be:

Arrabida, of Arab origin, a place of prayer is now a place of contemplation and a natural refuge. Formed around 18-16 million years ago it will be here in the Serra da Arrábida Beaches that we will find our sanctuary for a sit-on-top Kayak adventure.


What will we do:

Together, we will explore the tales and stories of this region as we traverse its demure beaches to the flavor of the current through our paddles. This tour begins at Praia do Creiro, near Portinho da Arrábida and stretches by the force of the current and the wind to the fabulous beaches of Galapinhos and Rabbits. After a stop in the sand for a reinforcement of energy we will return to the point of departure at Praia do Creiro, in a route so to move always next to the coast.


What's included:

All necessary kayak equipment. Neoprene suit. Water and flour toasted.


Price per person € 35 and a duration of about two and a half hours.

Maximum number of participants: Groups of 8 people maximum



We can arrange your transportation to Arrábida and back home for groups travelling and staying together - Contact us for pricing.


Now sit back and enjoy the day. I'll take care of everything, from start to finish.


Daily availability on request. Start of the experiment - 10:30.


Exclusive orders on request.

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