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    The Poison LTD V5 is a coveted creation and the most sought after freestyle board in our range since its introduction. The LTD construction consists of Biaxial Carbon layers at the top and bottom of the board with a special blend of Paulownia and lighter wood, CNC-shaped core. It is 20% lighter, thinner, more responsive and of course provides a lot of pop. After using the Poison, you will immediately fall in love with it. There is something about it that makes everything seem right.
    A new contour shape will take the V5 and the riders to new heights. This plate has a more continuous but subtle contour curve, providing comfort and control in a wide range of conditions. New rolling technology combined with the incorporation of unidirectional carbon trusses resulted in less bending and more negative stiffness. This new lay-up combined with a bit more bending from the top results in more explosive pop, greater speed control and reduced vibration.
    More square / swallow tips provide more surface area for grip and pop boost. This tip shape creates a larger angle of attack on the water surface and increases control. The Poison is an incredible freestyle board. This version has a carbon-reinforced rail system that, in combination with our Rad Pads or boots, allow the rider to make the smallest adjustments needed to perfect his posture for maximum performance.
    Choosing your Poison is now easier than ever, since Poison V5 sets the Status Quo of free style boards.